For newer versions of Excel (2007 and newer)

For Excel 2007 and newer, please see Export Excel data to html files with the Save As command.

For older versions of Excel (pre-2007)

When you save a spreadsheet, you have to make three decisions:

  • where to save it ("Save in:")
  • what to name it ("File name:")
  • what format to save it in ("Save as type:").

  1. When you select "Web page" as the file type in the "Save as type" box, the Save As dialog area expands upwards (see blue border below).
  2. You then have to tell Excel whether you are saving the "Entire Workbook" or the "Selection: Sheet." You must save only the Sheet; not the Workbook. So put the dot on "Selection: Sheet".
  3. Then click the Save button.
  4. If your Excel version is 2007 or newer, click the Publish button. This will place the saved html/htm file on your computer's hard drive in the location you specified.

Please click this link if you have Excel 2007, 2010 or 2013.