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Converting From Horizontal to Vertical Menu Problem

 I converted from vertical to horizontal menu in the new 2012 Website Builder and now the header covers about the top 3 lines of the home page. I made the header different heights and it did not solve the problem. Any ideas?

The horizontal orientation of the menu works best if you have a limited number of menu categories so that there is only one "layer" of menu links. If you have a lot of menu links so that the horizontal menu ends up stacking on top of each other, the vertical orientation is probably the best choice. If you can organize your navigation links into few enough links so that there is just one layer of links (each can have their own sub-links) in your horizontal menu, it works. The category links on the vertical menu that can collapse turn into pop-up menus on the horizontal orientation. Your "Extras" menu item is such an example.


Thanks for the clarification.


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