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Uploading Image Problems

  I'm having trouble with the images in my existing documents when uploaded. I get the dreaded 'Red X' box where my images should be.

I'm converting all my word.doc documents to "Web page, filtered" as per's recomendation. The content uploads perfectly, but the image is not uploaded.

Does anyone have any advice?

Do I need to save my image as a different file type before inserting in my word.doc?

I'm lost and have not heard back from Steve B. on this issue.

I have about 100 pages I would like to upload and am anxious to get my website up and running so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Tim,

It's often better to convert Word documents to pdf prior to displaying on your website (Word documents converted to html often do strange things). Take a look at the knowledge base article about converting Word documents to pdf.



Another option for Word files that have images embedded in them is to "copy" the entire page and then "paste" it in a new file in a graphics program such as Photoshop. Then you can save the page as a jpg or gif file which is directly uploadable to Website Builder. Depending on the quality of the graphics embedded in the Word page, this usually works. We have done it several times.


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